Planning out a move to a new apartment or house takes a lot of due diligence if you want moving day to go well and for all of your things to arrive at your new residence without issue. But there’s one particular type of item you might not want to leave for your movers to handle on moving day and that’s your fine art collection. If you own an expensive painting or an extensive collection of multiple pieces of fine art, it’s likely in the best interest of these premium items to hire a fine art delivery service to take care of things for you. Here’s why handing your fine art to a professional delivery service that specializes in handling and re-locating premium paintings and other high-end artwork is the best choice for your upcoming move.

You Can’t Just Shove a Premium Piece of Art Into a Typical Moving Box

Even if you think you have some bubble wrap or styrofoam that will get the job done, you don’t want to risk putting a fine piece of art that might be worth thousands of dollars into a typical cardboard box using basic packing supplies. A fine art delivery company has the tools to get your art off the wall safely and the right kind of packaging to ensure absolute protection on all sides. If you have an older piece of art from a bygone era that is especially delicate, your fine art delivery service will know exactly what to do to ensure the art remains in exactly the same condition it was when they first took it down from the wall. Your average moving company might be good at lifting things but they likely don’t have this specialized expertise.

Your Fine Art Deserves White-Glove Treatment and Its Own Vehicle for Transportation

Even if you or your regular movers succeed in getting the fine art out of your house and into the moving truck without damage, what’s going to happen to it during transit? You can’t put fine art in the same trailer as the rest of your belongings. One bad angle around a turn and your fine art could shift or move or bump into something else and receive significant damage. 

Fine Art Delivery Services Will Typically Offer Insurance for These Specific Items and Will Give You Peace of Mind

Speaking of damage, fine art delivery services will typically offer insurance coverage for each piece of art they handle and the payout on the policy will likely be higher than what a typical moving company would offer. In fact, some standard moving companies might not even cover high-end items like fine art at all. But with a fine art delivery service, you’ll have nothing to worry about.