If you’re getting ready to move, you need to use the right services. This is especially true if you’re moving fine art pieces. You should never trust your fine art pieces to an ordinary moving and storage company. You can protect your investment. You can work with a moving company that specializes in fine art deliveries. Before you settle on a standard moving and storage company, read the list provided below.

Here are four reasons to use a fine art delivery service.

Safe Crating Methods

When it comes to moving fine art pieces, you need to worry about the crating methods. The wrong crating and packaging methods can destroy your fine art. When you use a standard moving company for your fine art, the movers might not use the right materials. That’s where a fine art delivery service comes into the picture. A fine art delivery service has the right materials to package your fine art for increased safety and security.

World-Wide Delivery

If you’re planning a long-distance relocation, it’s time to hire a delivery service that specializes in fine art. One of the benefits of using a fine art delivery service is that it can provide services wherever you go. This includes services for domestic and international relocation. That means your fine art will be well-protected, wherever you relocate. If you’re planning an international relocation, a fine art delivery service can help with import and customs issues. This service ensures that your fine art won’t get delayed at the border.

Installation Service

If you’re moving your fine art collection, you need to plan for the installation. Once your fine art arrives, you’ll need to take care of the installation. That can be difficult to do without the right experience. That’s where a fine art delivery service becomes beneficial. Fine art delivery services go beyond the delivery process. They also provide installation services. That means you won’t need to worry about the installation. Your service will handle everything for you.

Protected Storage

If you’re relocating, you need to worry about delays. You never know when delays are going to affect your move-in dates. If you have fine art, you need to make sure it’s protected. That’s why you should work with a fine art delivery service. One of the benefits of working with a fine art delivery service is they also provide storage services. They’ll store your fine art in a climate-controlled environment until you’re ready for delivery. Then, they’ll deliver your fine art, and take care of the installation.