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You spend your time and talents choosing the perfect fabric to pull it all together – show your clients you care by protecting their investment with Vault’s DuPont Certified Fine Fabric Protection & Stain Gaurd.

What is Stain Guard?

We use a quality DuPont product to ensure that your goods are kept stain-free. This product employes advanced fluoropolymer technology to form a barrier against water- and oil-based stains, and it also slows the fading process caused by UV rays. it also uses an anti-static additive that repels dust and dirt.

This product is safe for children and pets, it’s non-allergenic, it’s non-carcinogenic, and it’s non-toxic. It’s invisible to sight, smell, and touch, and will not in any way change the look or feel of your fabrics. It’s safe to use on sofas, chairs, rugs, carpets, headboards, ottomans, and virtually any textile-based surface.

The experienced team at Vault Designer Delivery has one goal: to give interior designers an exemplary way to store and deliver the tools of their trade. If you’d like to learn more about our stain guard or any of our other services, give us a call today at (561) 296-6222.

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