If you are an interior designer, then you might be used to ordering furniture and decor for your customers’ homes. You might not have established a working relationship with one specific delivery service yet, but doing so can really help your business and your customers. It’s important to find one of these companies for these reasons and more.

Get Items Delivered to Your Clients in a Timely Manner

Getting items delivered to your clients in a timely manner is probably important to you. You might have deadlines to work with when completing your interior design projects, and your clients are probably ready to see the results of your hard work as soon as possible. Obviously, though, you can’t finish your job if you don’t have all of the furniture and other items that are needed to decorate your clients’ homes. With the right delivery service, you can make sure that these items end up at your clients’ homes in a timely manner.

Get Help With Assembling Furniture and Decor

Not only do you need to have items delivered to your clients’ homes, but you might need help with having them assembled. Many delivery services do not offer this option, but delivery services that frequently work with interior designers often do offer furniture assembly services for an added fee.

Get Help With Moving Furniture Around

You may want to make use of a delivery service that will set up the delivered furniture and other items in the area where you want them. They may even need to move existing furniture or other items out of the way. Again, you often can’t count on standard delivery services to help with these types of things, but a delivery service that works exclusively with interior designers should be accustomed to moving furniture around and should be more than happy to help you with this. 

Ensure Items Are Not Damaged

The last thing that you probably want is for the furniture and decorative items that you order for your clients to be damaged. If you choose the right delivery service, you should be able to count on them to handle and move furniture and other items in a way that prevents them from being damaged. This helps prevent expensive mistakes and disappointed clients.

If you’re an interior designer who is not already working with the right delivery service, then you should find one of these companies. Look specifically for an interior designer delivery service, and you should be able to get the extra help that you need.